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How big is the baby's silicone mouthpiece for silicone products manufacturers?
2018-12-17 15:12:49

Silicone products that can be called food grade must pass the certification of FDA, ROHS, SGS or other relevant qualification testing institutions, and have food grade silicone certification. However, the products we get may not be able to check the relevant certificates every time. In addition to the quality of the silicone products manufacturers with high brand and high reputation, we can also pass some simple Operate to identify.

1,Smell: The smaller the taste, or the less tasteful the product, the more likely it is food grade.

silicone products manufacturer

2, look at the color: food-grade silica can achieve high transparency, and will not yellow because of long-term.

3, test pull strength: food grade silica gel has a very good tensile reduction performance, if the product appears in the stretched state of white matter, it can be proved that this is not the use of food grade silicone raw materials, nor is it made of food grade silicone Made.

4, look at the fire: You cut the silica a little bit and burn it with fire, the fake silicone rubber wristband after the fire is burnt, the edge is black, the fake silicone rubber is burnt, the smoke is black, and there is stench. But really silica gel, no matter what color of silica gel burning edge is white, the burning residue is powder. The true silicone rubber wristband is carbon-like and has a uniform flame. White smoke, tasteless. If the surface vessel is exposed to smoke, collect white powder, dissolve the powder in a hot solution of 40% sodium hydroxide (60 degrees), take a drop of the solution into the test tube, add two drops of ammonium molybdate, heat slightly, add a drop after cooling. The aniline solution and 3-8 drops of saturated sodium acetate solution were observed for the color reaction of the solution. If blue color indicates silicon, it is proved to be silica gel.

The processing of raw edges of silicone products manufacturers is related to the overall quality of the manufacturers. If they are not solved by technology, they will face difficulties in trimming and the efficiency will not be reached! Therefore, at present, we want to solve the problem of self-removal and burrs. Firstly, the product will be self-demolition and mold line from the mold, and then the effect of burrs from the mechanical trimming after manual finishing will be grasped. In the future, the raw edges of the products will still be well resolved and improved!

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