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How big is the baby's silicone mouthpiece for silicone products manufacturers?
2018-12-17 15:10:43

Waterproof bibs are also available in a variety of fabrics depending on the fabric. Common silicone rubber bibs are also made by silicone manufacturers. This bib is eco-friendly and suitable for babies who can sit and eat, and the soft buckle at the neck makes the baby feel comfortable. A deep bib can intercept food that the baby has failed to deliver or spit. It is easy to clean and can even be washed in the dishwasher. It is very practical for parents who are busy with work.

Silicone products manufacturers get waterproof and oil-proof silicone bibs, which is very convenient to clean. It can be washed repeatedly and can be used repeatedly. Moreover, the silicone bib is now generally used in 3D three-dimensional design, the groove can easily hold the food, this design is to occupy space than cotton when stored.

silicone products manufacturer

Silicone products manufacturers' silicone mouthpiece features and advantages:

1. Unique silicone ribbon design, the bottom is a bib shape, used to pick up the falling food and keep the clothes clean;

2, suitable for infants, the elderly and patients. Avoid soiling clothes during meals, convenient and practical;

3, soft and non-toxic food grade silicone material, suitable for contact with the skin;

4, durable and easy to wash, reproducible use, easy to clean, just wipe to restore clean;

5, our silicone mouth water pocket soft material, can be rolled up for collection, easy to carry. It is an ideal meal bib to make the meal time full of joy.

After the baby starts to eat complementary foods, he often eats small clothes and is full of food. Mothers can't always change clothes, especially after entering the winter. At this time, the bib has come in handy! There are many kinds of bibs on the market, and the styles are different. From the material, there are cotton cloth, TPU, silicone, etc., and the shape is also varied. The big and small are really dazzling, and the young novice mom is often entangled. So, how big is the baby to use the silicone bib?

In fact, it is better to use a silicone bib over one year old. why? Everyone knows that when the baby is a child, he is a small one. He is afraid of falling and hurting in his hand. He is afraid of touching it. Of course, when the baby is well-behaved and begins to have a small mind to think, the body gradually grows up. In order to use the silicone bib. Premature use of a silicone bib may lead to the development of the baby, because when the baby is still young, the baby is still very heavy on his shoulders, which is harmful to the baby's development.

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