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Silicone products manufacturer talk about the causes of dark marks in silicone products
2018-12-17 16:03:55

In the production process of silicone products, sometimes the products produced will have different colors and water ripples in the watch. This phenomenon is collectively referred to as “dark marks”, which is a bad phenomenon and will have certain impact on production. Silicone products manufacturers Xiaobian will introduce to you under what circumstances will lead to dark marks on silicone products.

The raw materials of silicone products of silicone products manufacturers have different blending and matching ratios for products with different properties. Therefore, it is understood that the external surface phenomenon is based on the difference between the product white carbon black and the silicone resin. Since the raw material is a semi-transparent white solid glue, in the mixing process, the mixing of the rubber compound and the uniformity of the vulcanizing agent depend on the quality of the rubber compound, and the factors of the surface defects of the product on the raw materials are the above reasons!

silicone products manufacture

During the molding vulcanization process, the exhaust mode of the product and the trapping stroke determine the bulging phenomenon of the silicone product. Inaccurate time and temperature deployment may lead to the appearance of dark marks. In addition, the operation method and remarks of the machine personnel are important. Conditions, in the end, the main process is still a random strain, silicone products manufacturers of silicone products should be suitable for the configuration of parameters and so on.

Silicone products manufacturers of different batches of rubber compound mixed together to form a silicone rubber product surface color inconsistency. There are differences in the size of the compound of the same formulation, such as color and hardness. If the two batches of rubber are mixed together, the following will occur: 1. Smaller products generally do not see two colors. 2, the volume of the product is easy to see two colors. Solution: Prepare the material with one hand as a batch to the molding production. When molding, pay attention not to mix the two batches together.

Dark marks are poor in appearance and are generally unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for prevention according to different situations during production to prevent the occurrence of dark marks. However, except for silicone rubber decorations that have a color mixing requirement at the time of design.

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