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Silicone products manufacturers analyze the cause of odor in silicone rubber products
2018-12-17 15:48:10

The products that have just been produced will inevitably have taste. The raw materials of silica gel are non-toxic and tasteless. In the production process of silicone products manufacturers, the vulcanizing agent is very important for the smell of the product, such as the vulcanizing agent which can not meet the standard. The product will inevitably have an odor and the adsorption of silica gel. The adsorption of the silica gel on the vulcanizing agent and the adsorption of the coloring gel will cause a certain odor. In addition to the high-temperature vulcanization molding, the silicon molecules are completely solid-formed, and just do The appearance of the product is also a normal phenomenon. In addition, it is sealed in a sealed bag and placed in contact with the air to cause odor. Generally, the taste will slowly evaporate after 48 hours, and the silicone products manufacturer will just The products produced are baked to remove the odor, and the products with odor on the market have not been baked and the low-cost raw materials are produced. After a long time, the scattered images appear, especially in places with high heat and relatively heavy ozone environment.

These problems are mainly caused by some silicone products manufacturers in order to save costs, using ordinary vulcanizing agents that are not environmentally friendly and inexpensive, rather than environmentally friendly odorless vulcanizing agents that can be completely tested by ROHS. Vulcanizing agents are ones that promote the vulcanization of silica gel raw materials. The catalyst will evaporate after the silicone product is formed, and only a small part will remain, and it will be volatilized in 48 hours. The vulcanizing machine will not harm the human body product, but the low vulcanization opportunity produces a burning and pungent taste, and the volatilization time is about one month. Therefore, when choosing a silicone gift, the product should try to choose a tasteless silicone product with better performance. 

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The raw materials of silica gel, including "silicone oil, silicone resin, silica fume, white carbon black", do not conflict with any material, and the catalyst added during the production process may appear to be scented, but the general catalyst is It will evaporate in 24 hours, but only a small amount of odor is left. This is the reason why silicone products manufacturers use baking ovens to taste, so the main cause of the smell of silica gel is two reasons:

1. The concentration ratio of the vulcanizing agent is too high, so as to achieve a good fluidity effect, the product is more elastic, but the odor problem is neglected.

2. The vulcanization temperature is too high in the production process of the silicone product manufacturer, the vulcanization time is too low, the vulcanizing agent has not completely volatilized, and it has not been baked, directly packaged and shipped, and sealed in the package.

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