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The difference between silicone baby products silicone nipple and latex nipple
2018-12-17 16:06:09

Children of different ages have different childhood growth experiences and toys, and children of different ages have different concerns. They remember the wooden molar sticks and textile bib pockets, etc., followed by 90s and 00s. After a long long period of time, how the current infants and children are completely different from the children of that era. Silicone baby products have become the essential daily necessities for modern children, so do you have a preliminary understanding of silicone baby products? ?

Latex is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Its appearance is yellowish brown. Its elasticity and ductility are very good. The texture is soft and the touch is very close to the mother's nipple. Its shortcoming is that it has poor heat resistance and is relatively easy to age, so the service life is short. The appearance of silica gel is smooth and smooth, without any taste, and its elasticity is slightly inferior to that of latex, but it is more resistant to high temperature and corrosion, so the service life is longer than latex. The taste of the latex nipple is softer than that of the silicone nipple. In theory, it is more suitable for newborns, but a small number of people with special constitution are allergic to latex, which can cause dermatitis, asthma and other diseases. If the mother or father is latex allergic, don't Choose a latex nipple for your baby.

silicone baby product

Silicone baby products silicone nipples are generally transparent and food-grade materials; while rubber nipples are yellowish, the sulfur content is easily exceeded, and the potential "sickness from the mouth" is at risk.

The softness of silica gel is excellent, especially liquid silicone, which can be stretched and torn, which is better for shaping products. In addition, the softness of silica gel can greatly mimic the touch of the mother's nipple and play a role in calming the baby's mood. The rubber will be hard and it is difficult to achieve such an effect.

The silicone nipple produced by Zhongshan Sigle Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. silicone baby equipment is made of all food grade liquid silicone raw materials. The products are completely tasteless and non-toxic, and are safe and reliable materials accepted by the public. Liquid silicone is recognized as an environmentally friendly non-toxic material. It is often used in medical, human and food. Liquid silicone is not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but also has durability, temperature resistance and weather resistance that are much higher than those produced by solid silicone. It is also widely used in other industries.

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