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What are the excellent properties of silica gel pads from silicone products manufacturers?
2018-12-17 15:05:31

For silicone pads, we are more common in the family. Here, silicone products manufacturers introduce the types of silicone pad products, such as pot mats, cup mats, and table mats. Those products are small, but they have a great effect. What does it do?

For example: For example, in the process of boiling water and cooking, we often have to heat up to be able to boil water and rice. After it has been heated, it is not easy to hang on the table, the reason is very simple. Because, if you rush to bring the product up, you will find that the pot is too hot, so the table is burnt, and some can even be burned into a big hole, which is very affecting our beauty.

silicone products manufacturer

I believe that my friends don't want to happen like this. At this time, these silicone pads have a certain high temperature, so put them on the table, and then put these products on, you will find that this table is Don't worry about getting burned. Because silicone mat products have a certain high temperature resistance, they are used by many families.

The silicone pad has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance and weather resistance. The outstanding function of silicone rubber is to use a wide temperature range of -60 ° C (or lower temperature) to +250. Long-term use at °C (or higher temperature). However, silicone rubber has poor mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear strength. Its physical and mechanical functions are not as good as most synthetic rubbers at normal temperature, and in addition to nitrile silicon and fluorosilicone rubber, the usual silicone rubber has oil and solvent resistance. Poor, so silicone rubber is not suitable for general conditions, but it is very suitable for many specific occasions.

Silicone products of silicone products manufacturers have certain softness resistance, excellent insulation, compressibility and natural appearance. They are specially produced for the planning of heat transfer using gaps. They can fill gaps and complete heat transfer between heat and heat. Together, it also plays the role of insulation, shock absorption, sealing, etc.; it can satisfy the planning requirements of miniaturization and ultra-thinness of equipment, has good skill and application, and has wide application range of thickness. It is a good thermal conductive filling. Information is widely used in electronic and electrical goods. It is worth mentioning that in biomedical engineering, polymer data plays an important role, and silicone rubber is an especially important category in medical polymer materials. It has excellent physiological laziness, non-toxic, tasteless, It has no corrosion, anti-coagulation, good compatibility with the body, and can withstand the harsh disinfection conditions. It can be processed into pipes, sheets, films and shaped parts as needed, and can be used as medical equipment, artificial organs and the like. Nowadays, there are special medical grade silicone rubber silicone pads at home and abroad.

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