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What effect does the mold have on the silicone baking tray of silicone products manufacturers?
2018-12-17 16:15:06

We all know that silicone rubber products are used in different industries, so many consumers' performance on silicone rubber materials is based on similarity. Some silicone baking trays do not require detailed requirements, so you can choose a compound that does not require performance. Some things require performance data to confirm whether the quality of the silicone product is good or bad, so the performance of the raw material is very important.

As the saying goes, good steel is used in the blade, spending money on the festival, a popular old saying is still circulating, so it is natural to need a good quality silica gel product, a good steel is also Need a high-quality product to match, so the choice of good mold steel in the silicone baking tray industry is also a guarantee of quality!

silicone products manufacturer

It is necessary to know that the process and technology of steel in the global processing centers have unique characteristics and advantages in each country, such as the hardness of steel, the degree of quenching, the strength of toughness deformation, etc., and the steels used in rubber and plastic molds in China are relatively wide. There are many common ones, most of which can be divided into medium carbon steel, P20 series, P21 series, H13 series, 420 series, special steel series, D1, D2, D3, etc., and each series is different. Classification.

In the molding process of the silicone baking tray, the product is pressed and extruded by a molding hydraulic press or an injection molding machine. In the process of extrusion, the quality of the mold determines the structure and quality of the product, so the difference between a good steel and ordinary steel It will also be reflected at this time, but it is also very important to have a product and mold matching. It is necessary to know the steel selection of large products and general products!

Different mold steels have a certain correlation with the appearance of different products. For example, the larger-sized products are made of ordinary domestic steel. After long-term use, the self-demolition will become rough, the contour of the mold is initially deformed, and the mold is biased. Good steel is hardened by nitriding and nitriding to obtain high-hardness surface layer structure. The hardness of the surface layer after nitriding reaches 650-700HV. The long-term compression will ensure that the self-removing wheel angle is not damaged, and the quality of the product and the mold can be maintained. The service life!

In fact, for silicone products manufacturers of different raw materials, they all have their own set of raw materials and different materials, including adding different mixtures and adding different proportions of materials. Therefore, Zhongshan Sigle Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. reminds you to confirm the effect of a good product rubber material before customizing silicone rubber products, and then confirm the proof, then do not need to replace the rubber material and formula, otherwise it will cause no Necessary trouble.

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