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Why do silicone products manufacturers add fuel injection to silicone materials?
2018-12-17 16:08:06

In the silicone products industry, many products have different products and appearances, and what causes this? Everyone in the line knows that the appearance of the first impact product belongs to the surface quality of the mold. Under the surface of the mold, there is enough effort. The appearance of the natural silica gel product will be exquisite and beautiful, such as the precision of the grinding machine, the polishing fineness, the plating time, etc. At the same time, different silicone products choose different processing steps, and in addition to the mold, the silica gel needs to be surface-treated, such as baking, silk screen printing, fuel injection, and the like. Speaking of fuel injection, I wonder if you know the silicone material needs fuel injection process.

Silicone products are easy to adsorb dust under normal conditions, so silicone products manufacturers in the production process, spray a thin layer of hand-feel oil on the surface of silicone products, both to prevent dust and make the hand feel.

silicone products manufacturer

For silica gel products, the silicone product manufacturer can first bake and keep the product dry and remove certain static electricity. In the spray, the oil is applied to prevent sticky dust. The hand oil is an oily substance. The main function is to increase the smoothness of the appearance of the silicone surface. To maintain the dust-proof effect, for consumer friends, you can buy white electric oil for proper wiping, and use dust-free cloth to stick alcohol to remove dust on the appearance!

The effect of fuel injection is difficult to observe with the naked eye, but the touch is still different. The main features of the fuel injection product are smooth feel, high surface finish, flat surface, no sticky dust, and wear resistance. Lifting and strong adhesion. Products that do not have oil sprays can be seen that their gloss is not high, and the feeling of touching them is not so smooth. Especially when the low-hardness products are long, they will produce sticky dust, and the surface aging will be accelerated in humid or humid places. After cleaning a few times, it will become very sticky. Of course, this also affects the performance of the silica raw material and the vulcanizing agent. When purchasing, it can also distinguish the fuel injection effect of the product according to the above.

For silicone products, many of my friends' jewelry now have a topic. After a period of time, the product is not as good as it used to be. It doesn't feel so good, and it will feel a little sticky. It is really a silicone product manufacturer. The product is not sprayed, and the high hardness product generally does not cause this kind of situation. I think that some products with higher hardness requirements of special silicone rubber or industrial products will not cause this phenomenon. Products such as jewelry covers are basically through the fuel injection process in the market. After a long time, there will be no problem of poor hand feeling.

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