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Why silicone products from silicone products manufacturers will fade
2018-12-17 16:12:55

Processing works made of silica gel as the main raw material are called silica gel products. Silica gel is a porous material having a different particle size which is suitably dehydrated from a silicic acid gel. It has an open porous structure and can adsorb many substances. It is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. The adsorption of silica gel is mainly physical adsorption, which can be regenerated and reused. Adding acid to an alkali metal silicate (such as sodium silicate) solution, acidifying it, adding a certain amount of electrolyte to stir, to form a silicic acid gel; or adding acid or a thicker sodium silicate solution Ammonium salts can also form silicic acid gels. The silicic acid gel is allowed to stand for several hours to be aged, and then the soluble salt is washed away with hot water, dried at 60 to 70 ° C and activated at about 300 ° C to obtain a silica gel. The silicate gel is immersed in a cobalt chloride solution, then dried and activated to obtain a color-changing silica gel.

For dry weather, it is a common phenomenon for silica gel products of silicone products manufacturers to peel off. It is a common phenomenon. If it is placed in high temperature and dry weather for too long, the outer part of the silicone product will gradually fall off, and the color will become the same as falling off. Lighter or more yellow (especially transparent silicone and white silicone baby products) followed by the deformation and aging speed of the silicone products in dry weather, as well as the aging, especially in the summer, a product is placed for a long time. Dry weather will speed up its aging rate, gradually become more radiant and look very worn, so we should reasonably prevent product drying in the summer.

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Generally, the tensile rate of silica gel can reach 300% (softer material), but excessive stretching during the use process will directly lead to deformation and loss of permanent deformation of the stretch, so the process cannot be excessively elongated, regardless of industrial products. , daily necessities or silicone miscellaneous pieces are the same.

When the silicone product is operated under humid and high temperature conditions, the stretching will gradually deform, but as the temperature is adapted or the temperature is lowered, the silicone article may be slightly deformed. Therefore, whether it is a silicone fitting used in the industry, sealing products, or try not to let the silicone products stretch for a long time.

The phenomenon of aging is also a situation that occurs inadvertently. Generally, the service life of silicone products under normal conditions can still meet the ideal requirements. Therefore, in order to achieve the use life to prevent aging during use, the aging phenomenon can be appropriately slowed down. The agent has become one of the additives used by rubber manufacturers and silicone products manufacturers. It is commonly used in the series of amines and phenols. It can be added to rubber and silicone products by about 1%, which can effectively prevent heat. The role of oxygen, light, and liquid, in addition to the use of effective prevention in the process of use in order to provide the value of the product!

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